CloudSource – Remote Computer Service & System Virtualization Firm. My new company website. Im still working on it please leave comments and concerns.  Thanks  

Great video on IP subnetting.

How to Install Citrix XenServer 6.1.0 from a USB Key. Format USB key with Fat32 Download unetbootin ( ) Start unetbootin specified the Xenserver 6.1.0 image as the iso diskimage Click Ok On the USB drive, copy the contents of the /boot/isolinux folder to the root of the USB – overwrite any files At the […]

CloudSource Welcome to my new computer consulting firm “CloudSource, Inc.”

Hello world, It’s me again with a new status updated, due to unexpected bills and times I had to hold off on getting my cert, now Im back 100% in getting my Cisco cert. So continue to follow me.

With less then 3 weeks left until my exam day. Working on sub netting and more ISO commands. Found a good review book called “31 Days Before Your CCENT Certification”. Review coming soon.

Still reading and doing my IOS commands with Packet Tracer.